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Equestrian Club Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Still Join the Equestrian Team if I'm Not Interested in Competing?

Yes! We welcome riders in all disciplines, at all levels of experience, whether interested in competing or not. The club provides all these riders an organization where they can share their common interests.

Are There Dues to Belong to the Equestrian Club?

Yes. Lesson fees are $500 per semester for ten lessons. (Additional lessons may be arranged directly with instructors.) In addition, each team member pays IHSA dues (currently $40).  R-MC covers the cost of entry fees for the IHSA competitions and for the USEA Collegiate Challenges for the Eventing Team.

Do I Need to Have My Own Horse to Participate in the Club or Team?

No. Whether you’re interested in riding for recreation or competition, the Equestrian Center provides horses for students who enroll in lessons there. Members of the Eventing Team do need to have a horse on which to ride and compete.

Is the Equestrian Team Only For Experienced Riders?

No. We welcome and encourage riders of all levels and experience to become part of the team. Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) competitions are open to riders from beginner (walk/trot) through experienced (open division). Visit the Equestrian Team information page for more details.

Do I Need to Have My Own Horse to Compete in Equestrian Team Shows?

No. The equestrian team competes in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA), and the rules of IHSA competition require that all horses be provided by the host college; competitors select their horses by random draw.

Are There Boarding Facilities Available Near the Campus if I Want to Bring My Horse?

Yes. We can also assist you in finding instruction in just about any equine discipline that interests you. We are lucky at R-MC to be located in the heart of horse country; many of the nation’s top-ranked riders live in our area, and one of our most famous former “neighbors” here at R-MC was the Triple Crown winner Secretariat.

Are There Any Trails Near the R-MC Campus?

The public, 247-acre Washington Lacy Park, located less than five miles from campus, offers 6 miles of looped trails, with an additional 7 miles of trails under construction. In addition, there are several state forests in the area that accommodate horses and offer thousands of acres of trails.

Does the Club Meet at a Barn?

No. All equestrian club meetings are held right here on the R-MC campus in Thomas Branch Hall. The club meets Wednesday evenings at 8:00 PM when school is in session.