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Randolph-Macon College Cheer Tryouts 2019

cheerleaders cheering


Saturday, April 27, 2019

Crenshaw Gymnasium





Looking for talented, hard working men and women who want to be a part of something great!

Show off your athleticism, help the community and make lifetime friendships as you support our top ranked Yellow Jacket athletic teams!


Tryout Selections Consist of:



Jumps: Best 3 jumps, including single toe touch and multiple toe touches

Tumbling: Best 3 skills, preferably including standing back handspring, round-off back handspring, series, or tuck

combination (foam "dead floor" will be available).

Stunts: Candidates will be matched with a group to demonstrate the position you claim on your registration form.

This will include extended and single leg extended stunts when possible.

Sideline Cheers and Band Routines will be taught, perfected and performed for the tryout

Dress Code: dark shorts (black or navy), white t-shirt or tank (no half tops/sports bras), white socks and tennis

shoes. Hair and make-up should be worn appropriate for game day



Jumps: Toe Touch/Pike (If any prior experience, otherwise will be taught the day of tryouts)

Tumbling: Best 2 skills (If any prior experience), preferably standing back handspring, standing tuck or running


Stunts: Knowledge and technique will be discussed on tryout day. What is asked to be demonstrated will depend on

prior experience.

Sideline Cheers & Fight Song motions will be taught, perfected and performed for the tryout.

Dress Code: Dark colored (black or navy) shorts or sweatpants, white t-shirt, and tennis shoes


** All tumbling and stunt skills will be performed on a one inch foam "dead floor". No spotters will be permitted for tumbling but there will be spotters on stunt demonstrations. Only tumbling skills that can be properly executed WITHOUT a spotter should be performed the day of the tryout.


*Please be advised, if you are unable to attend due to a personal conflict or long-distance travel, a tryout recording (via thumb/zip drive, file attachment to email or DVD) will be accepted and should be submitted and received prior to April 25, 2019. Send to: Susan Cassidy 8305 Sharonway Drive Glen Allen, Va 23060. Or email

The recording should include you performing all jump, tumbling and stunt skills mentioned above plus two sidelines from your high school as well as a pom or fight song routine to music.


A group email announcing the new 2019-2020 team members by candidate number will be emailed later in the evening on April 27 so be sure you have provided a legible email address when you sign in. An additional email will be sent only to those candidates who have made the team with further information regarding the new season (fee dates, uniform distribution, schedule, etc).