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R-MC Breaks Record with 203 on ODAC All-Academic Team

Emily Fitzwater in the lab
Emily Fitzwater

FOREST, Va. - Randolph-Macon College had a school-record 203 student-athletes named to the 2017-18 Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) All-Academic Team.

The total surpassed the 190 honored in the 2016-17 academic year.

Recognition on the ODAC All-Academic Team is open to any student-athlete that competes in a conference-sponsored sport, regardless of academic class. He or she must achieve a grade point average of 3.25 or higher for the academic year to be considered for an ODAC All-Academic Award.

There were 1,994 honorees across the ODAC, surpassing 1,000 for the 12th consecutive year.

Click here to view entire ODAC list.

2017-18 ODAC All-Academic Team - Randolph-Macon College

Casey Abernethy Softball
Matt Allen Football
Sarah Alvanos Women's Lacrosse
Maria Teresa Ambrogi-Torres Field Hockey
Ty Anderson Men's Lacrosse
Lindsay Andrews Women's Lacrosse
Lucy Andrews Women's Lacrosse
Buzz Anthony Men's Basketball
Abby Baker Women's Swimming
De'Angelo Barr Football
Jackson Baum Football
Keavy Baylor Women's Soccer
Marcus Bazala Football
Colleen Beaver Volleyball
Josh Beeker Men's Soccer
Cameron Bell Football
Jake Benson Football
Michael Bertolino Football
Matthew Blaise Baseball
Yonis Blanco Football
Jess Boileau Women's Lacrosse
Kyle Browne Men's Lacrosse
Jenna Burns Women's Soccer
Maddie Burns Women's Soccer
Tait Buttrey Men's Lacrosse
Tyee Buttrey Men's Lacrosse
Norman Cade Football
Victoria Cappadora Field Hockey
Baxter Carter Men's Tennis
Mary Castle Women's Lacrosse
Chris Cerrina Men's Lacrosse
Isaiah Christmas Football
Cole Churchill Men's Lacrosse
Sarah Cimring Softball
Billy Clark Football
Mariah Clark Volleyball
Colleen Connolly Women's Golf
Jacob Cox Men's Swimming
Abbey Crank Women's Swimming
Kristin Dantzler Women's Tennis
Alex Daube Men's Swimming
Abby Davis Women's Soccer
Kaitlyn Deeter Softball
Zion Dennis Football
Antonia Douglas Women's Swimming
Julian Drew Football
Taylor Drucker Women's Soccer
Paul Duffy Men's Soccer
Courtney Eley Women's Soccer
Burke Estes Football
Austin Evans Men's Lacrosse
Austyn Faries Field Hockey
Emily Fitzwater Volleyball
Tyler Flora Men's Lacrosse
Jordan Foster Football
Alex Furnier Football
Kyle Geblein Men's Lacrosse
Megan Granger Women's Swimming
Jacob Haines Men's Tennis
Lydia Hall Women's Soccer
Miranda Hall Volleyball
Lindsei Hamilton Women's Swimming
Shomari Hargrove Football
Megan Harrah Field Hockey
Leif Heltzel Football
Jonathan Heuchert Football
Kaylyn Hewes Women's Lacrosse
Sarah Hinson Women's Tennis
Aaron Holzhauer Football
Steven Hunt Football
Chimaobi Iwumune Football
Dawson Jackson Football
Elizabeth Jacobs Field Hockey
Macy Johnson Women's Tennis
Bailey Jones Volleyball
Rachel Jones Women's Lacrosse
Kyle Keepers Men's Lacrosse
Alex Keller Football
Mary Virginia Kelley Women's Soccer
Casey Kent Women's Soccer
Cameron Knight Football
Elise Knobloch Women's Basketball
Mia Koch Women's Golf
Victor Kontopanos Men's Swimming
Mike Kovich Football
Daniel Lachance Baseball
Chelsea Land Softball
Alex Lightfoot Women's Lacrosse
Bre Lockhart Volleyball
Josh Long Football
Josh Lovejoy Men's Lacrosse
Bryan Lutz Men's Soccer
Jack Maccagnan Baseball
James Mahan Men's Lacrosse
McKenna Maier Women's Soccer
Caleb Main Football
Elizabeth Majewski Women's Tennis
Lexi Mallory Women's Soccer
Ealon Mann Men's Swimming
Jonathan Manuel Football
Brendan Markovic Men's Lacrosse
Erin Mattone Women's Lacrosse
Olivia Maust Women's Soccer
Joe McBride Football
Tanner McClelland Men's Lacrosse
Lauren McCoy Women's Swimming
Sean McDonald Football
Rebecca McGilvery Volleyball
Jacob McHugh Men's Soccer
Steve McNair Football
Thomas Mechling Football
Cole Migliorini Baseball
Jack Miller Men's Tennis
David Milton Men's Basketball
Cullen Moore Baseball
Haylie Moore Women's Swimming
Olivia Mott Women's Lacrosse
Philip Mugrage Football
Andrew Mullen Baseball
Billy Mullen Football
Ellis Mumford Women's Soccer
Jarrett Mustain Baseball
Luke Neeley Men's Basketball
Gabby Nelson Women's Soccer
Matthew Nickles Baseball
Michael Nickles Baseball
Daniel Noe Men's Basketball
Jonathan Nowell Men's Basketball
Zach Olmsted Men's Soccer
Ryan Ott Football
Robby Owens Football
Tyler Pacak Baseball
Rosa Paredes Women's Soccer
Shajuan Phillips Football
Caroline Pifer Women's Swimming
Jake Pinkston Football
Rachel Pisarz Women's Soccer
Kacey Pool Women's Swimming
Melissa Pritchard Women's Tennis
Erin Quinn Volleyball
Zack Radcliffe Baseball
Seth Ravenstahl Football
Michael Rawlins Football
Daniel Recarte Men's Tennis
Christian Redman Football
Teal Reynolds Women's Basketball
Justis Richardson Football
Saunders Riley Women's Lacrosse
Owen Ritter Football
Abby Roth Women's Lacrosse
Chris Ruediger Football
Sam Runner Men's Swimming
Emmy Saathoff Women's Golf
Cole Sakowski Football
Ariel Salerno Field Hockey
Samantha Sallade Volleyball
Tommy Salvato Football
Zach Salvato Football
Bella Samper Women's Lacrosse
Laney Sanchez Women's Swimming
Tom Schaffer Men's Golf
Willie Schaub Football
Peter Shaner Men's Golf
Billy Sheehan Football
Michael Sheehan Football
Ian Shelley Football
Taylor Sheppard Women's Lacrosse
Haley Silva Women's Soccer
Meghan Skevington Women's Soccer
Harrison Smith Football
Patrick Solomita Baseball
Rick Spiers Baseball
Sara Sprinkel Field Hockey
Julie Stech Volleyball
Tory Stribling Men's Tennis
Devin Strickler Baseball
Kirby Struhar Men's Golf
Bryan Sullivan Football
Kathleen Tanner Field Hockey
Sam Tanner Football
Courtney Taylor Women's Soccer
Gaby Tersigni Women's Tennis
Katherine Thompson Field Hockey
Katie Thompson Women's Lacrosse
Caleb Trump Football
Korey Turner Men's Basketball
Joseph Tuzzolo Baseball
Jacob Tyler Men's Soccer
Carter Tyree Men's Soccer
Andrew Venezia Men's Lacrosse
Isabel Wadsworth Women's Tennis
Elicia Wells Women's Lacrosse
Jake Wernle Football
Matt Whelan Men's Soccer
Anthony Williams Football
Kelly Williams Women's Basketball
Griffin Wilson Football
Abbie Winkelmann Women's Soccer
Kelsey Wisner Women's Basketball
Alexia Wolfe Volleyball
Jake Wootton Football
Stephanie Yeager Women's Tennis
Michael Zubovich Baseball